Artist Nirmal Mangalvedhekar

Image of paintings on wall Nirmal is born and raised in India. Growing up she was inclined towards Drawing and painting. She wanted to take Art as a career. She graduated from Abhinav kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune with Drawing and Painting as her major. Her interesting style of Art showcases a distinctive technique of work built up using layers of paint on various mediums like canvas, wood, paper. Her Art work is brought together by a variety of techniques. Nature is also a big inspiration as it is constantly changing and unpredictable one. Sometimes she likes listening to music white painting or sometimes when it is raining she likes to hear the pitter patter outside. Lot of her color palatte are inspired from nature. After painting for so many years she still finds new color inspiration around. Nature is something that everyone can relate to and experience. It creates a strong connection between the Art, Artist and the viewer.